Axos Bank Personal Loan for Home Improvements

Time and wear consume your most valuable assets. If your home needs repairs, you can count on Axos Bank's home improvement loan. This quick and easy solution lets you make renovations or upgrades and you don't need the collateral of your home to get it.

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APR: 8.42%
Interest: 8.42%
Loan commissions
Study commission: Consult
Opening commission: 1%
Commission for advance payment: 0%
Loan limits
Minimum amount: $ 7,000
Maximum amount: $ 50,000
Minimum of months: 36
Maximum of months: 72

Personal Loan for Home Improvements Info

Axos Bank Home Improvements loanUnlike other alternatives, the Axos online bank's Home Improvement loan is a personalized loan to update, fix or repair your home. To get it, you need to meet a few requirements:

  • Verifiable income
  • Credit score of 700 or more
  • Well-established credit history and at least 2 years old.

This personal financing is characterized by having flexible criteria, it does not require any type of guarantee and they deposit funds two days after the final offer is accepted. In addition to this, it includes other outstanding advantages:

  • Simplified process. Since it is a personal loan, there is less documentation. You only need the account to deposit, a valid ID, proof of income and credit report.
  • Lower costs. Unlike a mortgage loan, with this bank product you won't have to pay for appraisal, title search and other fees.
  • Faster closing of financing. Since it is not a refinancing mortgage or an equity loan, the closing times are shorter. So you don't have to wait weeks or months.
  • There is no need to use collateral. Since personal loans are unsecured, there is no need to use your home as collateral or resort to home equity.

Because of its undeniable advantages, Axos Bank's home improvement loan can help you make improvements to your home if you meet the requirements. In addition, with this bank you can also contract credits for other purposes, such as the loan to consolidate debts or the auto loan to buy a car.

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