Truist Bank personal loan


When you don't want to deal with processing a line of credit, a personal loan from Truist Bank is a great way to get a one-time amount. With no need for collateral and same-day approval, you can use the money for a purchase, an emergency or whatever you prefer.

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APR: 8.19%
Interest: 8.19%
Loan commissions
Study commission: $ 0
Opening commission: $ 0
Commission for advance payment: Consult
Loan limits
Minimum amount: $ 3,500
Maximum amount: $ 100,000
Minimum of months: 24
Maximum of months: 60

Truist Bank personal loan Info

Truist Bank personal loansAs with other Truist Bank loans, you do not need to be a customer to apply for a personal loan. You can apply in person, online or over the phone and you must be of legal age and have a green card or U.S. citizenship.

Personal loans are focused on allowing you to obtain additional money at a reasonable rate and with comfortable repayment terms.

For this reason, many people use them to consolidate debts, take care of medical expenses or overdue bills, finance education, make major purchases, pay for home repairs or special events, and much more.

This fast financing is processed through LightStream , an online division of this bank. In addition to their fixed rates, these immediate loans are characterized by:

  • A hassle-free application that you can fill out in minutes.
  • Approval in 15 minutes or less and same business day availability of the money.
  • The possibility of choosing the terms that are most convenient for your finances.
  • Different unsecured alternatives that you can review in more detail on the LightStream platform.

Truist Bank's personal loan is one of several options for you to increase your liquidity in a short time, under favorable conditions and without having to leave your home.

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