LoansAngel, online payday loans up to $5,000

With LoansAngel you can get quick loans online from almost every state in the country, with very few requirements and being able to get money even with a bad credit score. Check here all the information about this online financing in the United States.

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Loan benefits
Without Payroll: No
With Bad Credit: Yes
Cash: No
Loan limits
Minimum term: 1 days
Deadline: 12 months
Minimum amount: $ 100
Max amount: $ 5,000

More info about LoansAngel

If you want to get a loan of money easily, with few requirements, from anywhere and for an amount less than $5,000 dollars, with LoansAngel you can request it quickly and have the money in 24 hours.

In addition, this online entity offers its services in all US states except Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia, so if you live in any of the other regions of the United States, you will be able to find financing without problems.

It is an intermediary company that puts you in contact with a wide range of private lenders, depending on the conditions you have selected when applying.

What requirements do LoansAngel loans ask for?

LoansAngel's personal loansIn order to successfully apply with this online entity, you must be over 18 years old, reside in one of the permitted states (all except the 4 mentioned above) and have recurring income.

Some more can be added to these conditions at the time you select a specific lender from those suggested by LoansAngel.

How to apply for a loan with LoansAngel?

To request money online you must access the LoansAngel website and fill out the form with your personal data. Next, the system will offer you several alternatives to get a loan.

Once you decide on one of them, you must finish the contracting process with it, providing the additional data that is necessary and the documentation that is requested.

The application phase can be completed in just 10 minutes, with the money reaching your checking account within 24 hours if there is no problem.

Can I apply for money with bad credit?

Indeed, although not all the lenders that LoansAngel works with accept profiles with low credit scores, if this is your case you will have some options to decide on.

Of course, you will surely have to face higher fees, in the form of interest and higher commissions.

What implication can it have on your credit score?

LoansAngel does not make any inquiries about your credit history, but the credit institutions that it suggests to you when applying do usually do so. The most common is that they are soft inquiries, which do not affect your score, but there may be some that make hard inquiries.

What interest rate do LoansAngel loans apply?

This entity does not offer the credits directly, it is the lenders with which it collaborates that finally lend you the money. Each one can apply different fees, which also depend on the term and the amount.

The range of interest rates that you will have to pay can go from less than 10% APR to well over 200% APR in fast short-term loans. - 1041 4th Avenue, Suite 302, Oakland, CA 94606

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