Axos Bank Mortgage Loans reviews

Moving toward homeownership often requires a little push. With Axos Bank mortgage loans, you can get that key financing to own your next home.

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For financiate: First and second homes or investment properties
Destiny: Buy a home or refinance
Advantages: Several options, low rates, simple process and possible cashback of 3%.
Interest: Consult
APR: Consult
Minimum of years: 15 years
Maximum years: 30 years
Minimum financing: Consult
Maximum funding: Consult
Maximum percentage: 97%
Investigation commission: Consult
Opening commission: Consult
Commission for advance payment: Consult
Commission for surrogacy: Consult

More information of Mortgage loans

Axos Bank Mortgage LoansUnlike other entities, Axos Bank mortgage loans offer you rewards based on your relationship and income level. Also, these mortgage loans to buy or refinance a property are characterized by low interest rates, low down payment options such as FHA loans and a fast closing process.

As an interesting fact, this financial entity can reduce the lender's fee from $995 to $0 if it is your first mortgage. For this you need to:

  • Have or open an Axos Bank checking account.
  • The loan amount requested must be more than $250,000.
  • If the amount is less than $250,000, you can deduct $200 by opening a checking account during the contracting process.

This banking product offers you personalized options, a simplified process, technological management tools and customer service through its specialists. And if you want to get 3% cashback (max. $100) on your monthly payments, there are certain requirements you must meet:

  • Have an active Rewards Checking account before the first day of evaluation.
  • Have an average daily balance equivalent to the principal plus interest if you have more than one personal loan with this bank.
  • Maintain an average daily balance that is 2 times the principal plus interest payment of the mortgage contracted with this bank.

Axos Bank mortgage loans fit any budget. Even so, be sure to compare it with the multiple alternatives that the Busconómico search engine shows you.

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