Regional Finance quick loans review

A secured quick loan finance company with collateral, offering between $500 and $12,000, you can get the money at any of its offices in the following 19 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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Loan benefits
Without Payroll: No
With Bad Credit: Yes
Cash: Yes
Loan limits
Minimum term: 24 months
Deadline: 60 months
Minimum amount: $ 500
Max amount: $ 12,000

More info about Regional Finance

The lender Regional Finance offers fast offline loans for anyone who meets its low requirements, being able to provide collateral as a guarantee as a pawn, such as a television, a computer or any object of value that is accepted by the staff of the corresponding store.

This way, you can get between $500 and $12,000 and use it for any purpose you need, such as consolidating debts, paying for car repairs, buying furniture, traveling or paying for a vacation.

Regional Finance

Types of loans offered by Regional Finance

This financial institution offers a single type of personal loan, although it classifies it according to the purpose you want to give it, which may also affect the conditions applied by the company, especially the interest rate applied:

  • Loans secured with a car
  • To consolidate debts
  • To buy furniture
  • Loans to buy appliances
  • Travel or vacation loans
  • To pay for car repairs
  • Personal loans for other purposes

Are these loans secured?

As specified by Regional Finance in the information on its website, its financing is secured by collateral, which can be a good with a certain value, such as jewelry, a watch or a television, as a pawn, or a car in your name.

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The good thing about their loans being secured is that the requirements to apply and be accepted are much lower, and you can even get a loan with a bad credit score.

Documentation required to apply with Regional Finance

Although depending on what you are going to use the money for, the entity may ask you for additional documentation, the papers that you must physically deliver to one of Regional Finance's branches are the following:

  • Earnings documentation. Such as a paycheck or tax return.
  • Proof of residency. A receipt of an electric or telephone bill or a rental contract can be used to verify that you are legally residing in the United States.
  • Valid identification. Either a state ID, driver's license or passport.

Prequalify online with Regional Finance

Although this lender does not offer online loans, it does allow you to pre-qualify through its website, to find out if your application will be approved and to know the conditions that the lender asks for in terms of interest rate, fees and documentation.

In addition, this action does not affect your credit score and each pre-qualification has an expiration date of 30 days, so you can go to one of their offices and complete the process in person.

Interest rates from 24% to 35,99% APR
Regional Management Corp. 979 Batesville Road, Suite B Greer, SC 29651

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