PNC Banks' Personal Line of Credit review

Have a credit limit of up to $25,000 to use for whatever you want, with instant withdrawals in your checking account, with no set-up or prepayment fees.

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APR: 14%
Interest: 14%

Loan commissions

Study commission: 0%
Opening commission: 0%
Commission for advance payment: 0%

Loan limits

Minimum amount: $ 1,000
Maximum amount: $ 25,000
Minimum of months: Consult
Maximum of months: Consult

Personal Line of Credit Info

PNC Bank's personal line of credit offers you the possibility of getting instant cash for any need you may have, only paying interest on the money you have used.

You can have a limit of between $1,000 and $25,000, withdrawing the amount you need whenever you want, receiving the money in the associated PNC Bank checking account.

PNC Bank Personal Line of Credit

There is no origination fee, and you won't pay anything if you repay all or part of the outstanding amount early.

To sign up for this line of credit, you can call PNC Bank by phone or visit one of the branches near you.

Through the bank's website you can get information about this product and also about other forms of financing offered by the bank, such as its personal loan or its credit cards, which Busconómico also analyzes and reviews.

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