BankAmericard Credit Card for Students with no annual fee

When the studies are not cheap, it is normal to accumulate debts. For these cases, the BoFA offers you the BankAmericard credit card for students. With it you can build your credit history and get a rate of 0% for 21 months, ideal for reducing your debt or making large purchases.

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APR: 15.49%
Card type: Credit card
Supplier: Mastercard

Card limits

Credit limit: Consult
Daily limit: Consult

Fees and commissions

Issue fee: Consult
Replenishment Commission: Consult
Annuity: $ 0

Additional information of BankAmericard Credit Card for Students

Along with its free annual fee, the highlight of the BankAmericard credit card is its 0% APR for the first 21 months. After this time, they begin to apply the variable rate according to your credit history with a minimum of 15.49% APR and a maximum of 25.49% APR currently.

Tarjeta BankAmericaCard para estudiantesIf you are a university student and want to get it, you must have a suggested score of at least 670.

Although this banking product does not offer you rewards, it does give you some interesting benefits. You can check your updated Fico score every month (web or app), you have overdraft protection and you are not penalized for paying late.

Similarly, you have the option to receive alerts (sms or email), pay with Apple/Google/Samsung Pay and zero liability guarantee against fraud.

Another attractive aspect has to do with the possibility of using the mobile banking app or the BoFA online service.

In addition, with this contactless credit card you are charged 3% (minimum $10) for balance transfer, which you must do within the first 60 days of activating your account to achieve the 0% rate for the first 21 months. All this is for you to take care of your finances and have better consumption habits.

In short, we can recommend the BankAmericard card for students if you want to consolidate debts, make some payments without interest or improve your financial behavior. Plastics with too many rewards often lead to uncontrolled spending.

This card is a version of the classic BankAmericard, but designed for students. Also, it is possible to find a secured option that can be applied for even with bad credit or no credit history.

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