TD Cash credit card review

Credit card that gives you back 1% of the purchases you make, up to 2% on purchases in grocery stores and 3% of the expenses you make on dining out and take away.

This card has no annual fee and offers a $150 welcome bonus for the first $500 euros you spend within 90 days of signing up.

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APR: 19.99%
Card type: Credit card
Supplier: Visa
Card limits
Credit limit: Consult
Daily limit: Consult
Fees and commissions
Issue fee: $ 0
Replenishment Commission: Consult
Annuity: $ 0

Additional information of TD Cash credit card

TD Cash credit cardWith the TD Cash credit card you can make purchases at any merchant that accepts this payment method, and you can also pay for your purchases online and withdraw cash at ATMs (paying a fee for this).

With this card, the interest rate you pay if you defer payment of the balance used in your purchases for several months will depend on your credit rating, being lower the higher your score, with a minimum of 19.99% APR.

For cash transfers to your checking account, you will enjoy 12 months interest free and then you will pay interest on them equal to the amount of your purchases.

As with all credit cards, you can always avoid paying interest if you pay the entire outstanding balance in the next billing cycle.

As a major benefit, TD Cash credit card gives you 1% back on all purchases you make as cash back, 2% back on grocery store purchases and 3% back on dining, whether it's a casual dinner or a dinner at a high-end restaurant.

In addition, you now have a welcome promotion where you will get $150 cash back if you spend $500 during the first 90 days.

TD Bank also offers you the possibility to improve or start your credit score with its TD Cash Secured card, which also offers cash back on all purchases.

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