Ally Platinum Mastercard review

Mastercard credit card that allows you to pay for purchases at any merchant and through the Internet, with high security, various coverage and with different methods of deferred payment.

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APR: Consult
Card type: Credit card
Supplier: Mastercard

Card limits

Credit limit: Consult
Daily limit: Consult

Fees and commissions

Issue fee: Consult
Replenishment Commission: Consult
Annuity: Consult

Additional information of Ally Platinum Mastercard

Ally Bank Platinum credit cardCurrently, the credit cards offered by Ally Bank are only available to those customers to whom the bank makes an offer. This can happen if you show that you are responsible with your money and have a good credit score that indicates your solvency.

The Ally Platinum Mastercard credit card offers the possibility of shopping in any establishment in the world, as well as making online payments with maximum security.

This plastic offers various payment methods, being able to pay everything consumed at the end of the month without interest or split purchases or the accumulated balance in several installments, with the consequent payment of interest.

Although the entity does not provide information on the interest rates it applies or whether it applies an annuity, it does indicate that it does not charge fees for exceeding the credit limit or for returned payments. It also does not apply a rate increase if you are late in making a monthly payment.

The Ally Platinum credit card offers various protections to prevent fraud and make it easy for you to pay, with contactless systems, monitoring of suspicious movements and 24-hour assistance.

As we have already mentioned, at the moment this card can only be obtained if it is offered by the bank itself, so you must first be a client of the entity, opening one of its checking accounts and demonstrating that you know how to manage your money.

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