Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Credit card that gives you back 3% of all your purchases at drugstores and restaurants in points from the Cash Back rewards program. Travel expenses will have a reimbursement of 5% and in the rest of purchases it will be 1.5%. It has no annual fee and the first 15 months apply a 0% APR interest.

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APR: 19.49%
Card type: Credit card
Supplier: Visa
Card limits
Credit limit: Consult
Daily limit: Consult
Fees and commissions
Issue fee: $ 0
Replenishment Commission: Consult
Annuity: $ 0

Additional information of Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited credit cardChase Freedom Unlimited credit card is the version similar to the old Chase Freedom, but in this case the cash back system you receive for your purchases changes.

With Unlimited card, you receive a 5% reimbursement on travel expenses, a 3% on purchases in restaurants and drugstores and 1.5% on the rest.

The return is accumulated in the form of points in the Chase Bank Cash Back Rewards program, which can be exchanged for cash in your bank account or for travel, gift cards or purchases at Amazon and other services.

With this card you will not have to pay an annual fee and the interest rate applied for the first 15 months will be 0% APR.

Chase Freedom Unlimited card also incorporates several coverages for your purchases, such as the one that insures your products against theft or damage for the first 120 days after purchase, up to a maximum of $500 per purchase and $50,000 per card. You will also enjoy a one-year warranty extension on the products you buy with it.

With Chase Bank you can also enjoy other cards, such as the new Slate Edge credit card, with which you will reduce the interest rate if you meet your payments.

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