PNC Bank Cash Rewards credit card review

Credit card that gives you back 1% of all purchases you make with it, in any store around the world, 2% of purchases in food stores, 3% in restaurants and take-away food chains and 4% in service stations, both in fuel and in gas station stores.

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APR: 18.99%
Card type: Credit card
Supplier: Visa
Card limits
Credit limit: Consult
Daily limit: Consult
Fees and commissions
Issue fee: $ 0
Replenishment Commission: Consult
Annuity: $ 0

Additional information of PNC Bank Cash Rewards credit card

PNC Cash Rewards Credit CardPNC Bank offers the PNC Cash Rewards Visa credit card to both its customers and non-customers, with no annual fee and a $100 welcome bonus if you use it to make purchases up to $1,000 during the first three months after you sign up.

In addition, this card gives you cash back on all your purchases. You will get at least 1% of the purchases you make, no matter where you make them. If you use it in grocery stores you will get 2%, in restaurants and fast food establishments 3% and in gas stations 4%, both in fuel and in the store.

In the bonus categories with a higher cash back percentage, the offer applies up to a maximum of $8,000 USD annual spend. If you reach that limit, all purchases will be converted to 1% cash back, until the next anniversary of your card.

In the first 12 months, with the PNC Cash Rewards card you will pay no interest on all balance transfers you make from other cards during the first 90 days, after which you will pay a minimum interest rate of 18.99% APR, the same as the rate you pay to finance your purchases.

Cash advances you make to your PNC Bank account currently charge an interest of 29.99% APR, plus 5% of the amount at the time you make it, with a minimum of $10.

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