Ally Bank Interest Checking Account review

Bank account type: 
Checking account

With this online checking account you will enjoy many advantages, such as no handling or transfer fees. You will also have free checks and a free debit card with which you can withdraw cash for free at all AllPoint ATMs. It also earns interest on your balance.

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Account managemen: $ 0
Check deposit: $ 0
Check writing: $ 0
Transfers: $ 0


APY: 0.25%
Rate of interest: Fixed
Interest settlement: Monthly


Checkbook: With checkbook

Additional information of Interest Checking Account

Ally Bank Interest Checking Account

Ally online Bank offers one of the best checking accounts that you can currently sign up for in the United States. With the Interest Checking account, you won't pay a maintenance fee, nor for making online transfers, nor for writing checks.

In addition, you will enjoy a free debit card with which you can withdraw cash at no cost in the more than 50,000 AllPoint ATMs that you can find throughout the country.

If you deposit your paycheck at the bank, you can get an advance of your paycheck two days before you receive it, totally free, with no interest or commissions. And also an overdraft coverage of up to $250.

How profitable is the Interest Checking account?

In addition to not charging you fees, this online checking account also remunerates the balance from the first dollar and with the money always available.

The profitability obtained will depend on the daily balance:

  • If you have less than $15,000 USD, the interest rate will be 0.10% APY.
  • If your balance exceeds $15,000, you will enjoy an interest rate of 0.25% APY.

However, the bank also offers the no-fee Online Savings account, which offers 3.30% APY with no minimum balance, so we recommend that you transfer any money you won't be using in the short term to that account for a higher return.

How do I sign up for Ally Bank's Interest Checking account?

The application and formalization process for this checking account is completely online. Through the financial institution's website you can apply by filling out the corresponding form with your data and sending the necessary documentation, scanned or photographed.

Within 10 days you will receive your free debit card and checkbook at home.

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