Moneypass ATM near my location

It is already common to hear that your bank offers MoneyPass services for you to use your cards without surcharge. As this ATM network is the second largest in the United States, after AllPoint ATMs, we want to delve into their proposal.

If you're interested in learning a little more about this brand, and how to find one near your location, follow along with us.

How to find a MoneyPass ATM near me?

In the following map you can check the location of the closest MoneyPass ATMs to your current location. You can also find out how to get to the ATM of your choice, either on foot, by car or by public transportation.

Another option to find one of these ATMs nearby is to use the MoneyPass web locator, where you can choose your current location or enter a city, state or zip code to display ATMs in the area.

What are MoneyPass ATMs?

MoneyPass is a network of ATMs operating in the United States and Puerto Rico. It is currently comprised of some 37,000 ATMs distributed in banking institutions and commercial locations. This fee-free network serves 125 million customers and has a membership of 19,000 organizations.

Before being taken over by the multinational financial company Fiserv (MA), the MoneyPass brand was owned by Elan Financial Services, a business division of US Bank. If you have a card with the logo of this network or your financial institution is affiliated with its services, you can save more.

Moneypas ATM near my location

History of MoneyPass ATMs

The history of the MoneyPass ATM network begins with its creation in 2003 by the GenPass company. In fact, this ATM network is the product of the merger of two existing networks: MoneyBelt in Tennessee and MoneyMaker in Texas. This beginning then facilitated the expansion of the brand we know today.

Union Planters, which was already a member of the network prior to the merger, was joined by more financial institutions and businesses:

  • 2003. The Minyard Food Stores supermarket chain decides to install MoneyPass ATMs in its 72 stores.
  • 2004. Already with 8 thousand ATMs and 200 members, Zions Bank joins this initiative by contributing 200 machines in Idaho and Utah. This year, Credit Union and Citibank also joined the initiative, adding 2,800 and 2,600 ATMs.
  • 2005. US Bank purchases GenPass, adding 12,000 ATMs to the network. This year KeyCorp signs an agreement to allow credit unions and financial customers to access MoneyPass services. As part of the agreement, KeyBank customers do not have access to these ATMs and vice versa.
  • 2012. The Kroger chain reaches an agreement with US Bank so that consumers using its prepaid card would have access to that network.
  • 2017. The famous 7-Eleven store signs a contract with MoneyPass to have 8000 thousand ATMs in its more than 10 thousand stores in the United States.
  • 2018. Fiserv Corporation announces that it reached an agreement with US Bank for the purchase of the aforementioned ATM network.

MoneyPass services for individuals and businesses

The MoneyPass ATM network has a number of services that benefit both consumers who use it and financial institutions that join it.

More connected cardholders

We all want fast and convenient access to our money, which is why MoneyPass has earned people's trust. This is due in part to:

  • Deposits without the need to go to a bank branch.
  • Access to 37,000 ATMs nationwide and free of fees.
  • An online and in-app location system that is very easy to use.

Simple location on any device

Cardholders who use MoneyPass ATMs can find one of these machines near you almost immediately. All you need is to have the app on your cell phone or visit the company's official website. In addition, banks and financial institutions can facilitate this process:

  • Adding updated data from the MoneyPass network.
  • Creating a direct link to the locator on their websites to redirect customers.
  • By creating a customized locator through affiliates that work with this brand.

Shared Deposits Program

Dedicated to financial institutions, this program makes it easy for your customers to make free deposits at thousands of ATMs. This allows your organization to be more competitive and earn more revenue from increased transactions.

In addition, the MoneyPass network has the ability to route transactions through images. In case you have upgraded your ATMs, this program allows you to recover your investment in less time, especially if you combine it with the locator.

POS friendly adjustment

If you have a business, you can incorporate MoneyPass into your cashing system to increase the monetary exchange. This program complies with all POS regulations and represents a solution to increase your competitiveness. Along with this, you get several advantages:

  • Optimal interchange rates.
  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • No need for card rebranding.

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